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Characteristics of magnetic contact sensors of the security system

Having the confidence to live in a safe and secure home is probably the desire of all people, especially if you pay attention to the statistics on the increase in the number of thefts, vandalism and robberies in many cities in Italy and around the world. In such a scenario, specific decisions can be made to combat micro and macro crime and protect your home or office from criminals, protecting the safety of people both at home and at work. In the vast majority of cases, vandals aim to rob the most sensitive and risky points of buildings, that is, where they are more confident that they will be able to carry out the damage. These can be apartment buildings, private houses, commercial premises and others. Entrance gates, i.e. entrance doors, windows, balconies or terraces are considered vulnerable places: therefore, the most logical and simple way to make life difficult for thieves is to install a security alarm system with sensors, window protection contacts, sirens and other devices, depending on the type of building.

We are talking about small devices that are suitable for vulnerable areas, especially the most open and easily accessible ones. Magnetic contacts are very popular and appreciated because they are cheap, reliable, safe and easy to use: in particular, we are dealing with small plastic or aluminum “boxes” characterized by two separate elements that are fixed on the door leaves; when these two elements are separated and then removed due to an unwanted opening, the security system is activated and the event message is automatically transmitted to the alarm control panel, which in turn, after processing the signal, triggers the alarm, notifies the system users of the alarm and activates the sirens. This is a simple and reliable mechanism, thanks to which the entrance areas of the building, where the alarm system is installed, are best protected.

Magnetic contacts are available both in a wired version (devices are connected to the power grid via a cable) and in a wireless version (radio signals are used). The choice of model and number of magnetic contacts to be installed should be evaluated according to the needs of security and personal residence, as well as the type of technology used in the product itself.

As for the operation of the security system and magnetic contacts, the latter must be connected to the control panel of the security system to ensure communication between them. This connection can take place in series or in parallel: in the first hypothesis, there is an advantage of occupying only one output of the signaling center; however, in the second hypothesis, the advantage is obvious in the case of a fault, since the faulty contact will be easier to identify.