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False alarms from PIR sensors in security alarms

If the PIR sensors of the security system activate false alarms, the problem may be related to sunlight interference, which depends on the angle of incidence of the rays, this demonstrates the fact that partly due to the shadow and partly due to the different position of the sun, false alarms occur not always, but only in a certain period and at a certain time. But in order to understand the exact cause, you need to answer a number of questions: how many sensors will cause problems? Do they all work the same way?

There are two hypotheses that come to mind for solving the problem: either the position of the sensors should be changed, or the problem is not in their position if this does not solve anything. In the first hypothesis, it is likely that the movement was carried out along the horizontal axis of the sensors, so there were no changes for interference purposes, in which case it is worth changing the inclination of the device. In a second hypothesis, imagining a different type of problem, one could speculate that it could be a change in temperature due to the seasonal heat leading to condensation problems, or alternatively, a mechanical problem related to the tamper. It’s worth checking the temperature range for optimal performance of your sensor and making sure it’s correct.

To try to better understand the cause, I should inspect the sensors immediately after the false alarm occurs and see if anything else or abnormal has occurred. Finally, I also suggest you try changing the lens and see if the problem occurs again.