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False Alarms – what are they and how can I prevent them?

One of the main concerns of users who want to equip themselves with a security alarm to make their home safe from intruders is the possibility of dealing with false alarms of the system, especially regarding the possible inconvenience due to the noise that the alarm siren can cause not only at home, but also to the detriment neighbors

Obviously, an alarm system that fails and often goes off for no good reason is a source of anxiety and possible conflict with those living near the home where the alarm is located, and is completely useless for security purposes.

A false alarm is defined as a security system against illegal intrusion into a controlled area that is triggered without an actual intrusion; a false alarm triggers a siren that disturbs the surrounding area with its visual and audible signal (under such circumstances, there is also a risk that the owner will receive a complaint for disturbing the peace). In most cases, the reason for false alarm systems to go off is the lack of maintenance or the poor quality of devices purchased at too low a price: a quality system, if it is subjected to regular checks, does not cause false alarms. The probability of their occurrence is limited, in principle, by the installation and setup phase: after installation and verification, after this short testing phase, a fully functional system does not generate false alarms.

A device that is often responsible for false alarms is an alarm sensor, especially one installed outdoors. Unlike a sensor that monitors the interior of a home, outdoor sensors must be resistant to bad weather, temperature changes, large animals, tree movements, and more. The battery is often the source of false alarms: self-powered or wireless sensors with an internal battery often run low. Battery life depends on the functionality of the sensor, and as a rule, in cheaper models, they do not notify the owner of the need to replace the battery. For this reason, the siren and dialer call warning may activate even if the sensor battery is dead, causing false alarms.

Therefore, to avoid false alarms, the best choice would be to install a quality security system with a warranty and quality certificate and to carry out regular periodic maintenance.

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