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GSM dialer and reception of signals from the security system

Nowadays, security systems are popular for a reason. Especially those that protect at 360 degrees not only houses, but also offices, shops, warehouses, garages, commercial premises, etc. When trying to break into a building, a notification about the activation of the alarm system is an important help, because thanks to such a notification, the owner has the opportunity to act quickly and avoid theft. This is achieved through the use of a telephone detector, which is a device that can be purchased separately or is already included in or external to the alarm control panel, can be connected to a traditional PSTN telephone line or can be operated via a smartphone SIM card (GSM channel). Today, GSM dialers are safer and more reliable than models that use a regular telephone line, because they work with a prepaid SIM card and are less prone to signal interception.

GSM devices are usually integrated into the alarm center, so an additional advantage is that they do not need to be purchased separately; in addition, some GSM dialers are independent and therefore can be connected to any control panel model.

Principle of operation

When the sensors of the security system detect the presence of an intruder in the protected area, the dialer is notified by the security alarm center and is immediately ready to start calls to the numbers saved during the system setup: obviously, it is advisable to save not only your own number in the system, but also the numbers of other trusted people, for example a family member or friend. Thus, the dialer has the important task of informing trusted persons in the event of an alarm, allowing the owner to rely on the immediate receipt of the report and to intervene; this device also works in tandem with a security siren, which is very important to draw attention to the event with visual and audio notification.