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How to choose a smart lock

After nearly 20 years of growth, the game machine lock with intelligent door sector has reached a mature stage. It carries the genes for intellectual advancement, excellent quality, branding, and convenience.

Its goal throughout all stages of development has been to fulfill peoples’ aspirations for a better life. Directional development offers a variety of functions, offering outstanding security and ease in daily life, particularly to address the different issues with people’s use of keys.

Security and convenience are two advantages of the clever locking system that cannot be disputed. All the issues with “door locks” can be resolved with an intelligent lock system:

  • I forgot the key
  • The key is broken in the lock
  • Can’t let go of the lock

Myths about selecting smart locks

The section that follows will offer some recommendations for selecting smart locks, but before that, we should be aware of the following widespread myths about selecting smart locks.

Let’s first examine typical myths about selecting smart locks:

1. The more functions a smart lock has, the better.

Fingerprints, passwords, RFID cards, and mechanical keys are frequently used to unlock locks on smart homes. Of course, there are also combinations of the aforementioned unlocking techniques.

The door lock does not, however, have an excessive number of functions. It’s challenging and fraught with numerous hidden risks, including instability and simple crashes.

Some companies may add a lot of features to door locks so that customers will buy their smart door locks and believe they are getting a really good deal. The selection of smart locks for the home is therefore centered on features, particularly security, rather than the quantity of capabilities.

2. The smart lock is better the more economical it is.

Currently, there are many different brands of smart locks available, and the price range is fairly broad. Many inexpensive smart key door locks are out of warranty because some consumers might assume that because they all appear the same, they must be inexpensive.

But the interior is made of considerably inferior stuff. If there is an issue and the after-sales support is unable to solve it, there is a significant risk. A quick consumer lock is not the clever security door lock. Typically, it has a service life of ten, twenty, or even more years.

Therefore, you need better preserve the brand in all aspects when purchasing smart locks. In general, major brands are preferred because they have a strong reputation, are well-known, and have a history of producing reliable door locks or smart goods.