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How to choose the best security camera for your home with internet remote access

The question of which camera to choose for the home is much more complicated than it might seem at first glance.

Firstly, video surveillance design is a narrow expert field, and sales managers will give you advice, who just yesterday were selling siding, and in six months they will be selling office furniture. This means that all their knowledge is based on marketing materials, in which, from the truth, only a disclaimer that this promotional material is not a public offer. Secondly, all their advice boils down to simple advice like: a 5 megapixel camera is better than a 3 megapixel one. Which by the way is not always the case, because in most cases an increase in the number of megapixels is achieved by reducing the size of the pixel, which means that the area per pixel will decrease, which means that the photosensitivity will decrease in general.

Why do you need a security camera?

Entertainment. On the one hand, if you, for example, want to watch what your cat is doing in your absence. It seems that there are no important selection criteria, take what you want. Although Kshiomi (aka Xiaomi), they somehow remind me of the classic design of Apple. It will be nice to smash such beauty on the floor when you find out that this shit doesn’t work. Security. This is a completely different conversation, even if you take a camera to monitor what the nanny is doing when left alone with your child, you are deciding the issue of security. This means that we must take into account not what you think can happen, but what you cannot even imagine. From Sabotage to natural disasters.
It turns out, no matter what goal you pursue, you will have to think about security, because this is your home. Therefore, based on the goal of ensuring security, we will choose a video surveillance camera.

Choose the type of CCTV camera

First, let’s get one important point clear, even if you only need one single camera, what you get will be a CCTV system. So to view live video from the camera, you need an application for iOS or Android. Or maybe you want to install software on your laptop. In addition, you need to connect the camera to organize remote viewing will be to the router.