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How to recover from a theft in your own home

Suffering from a burglary can really be a trauma that a person suffers from later, especially because of the psychological effects they feel. Experts talk about post-traumatic stress disorder, which can often occur in a person who has suffered from a theft with characteristic symptoms. Everything also depends on the individual, but often after the theft there can be feelings of strong anxiety, longing, night terrors and the desire to obsessively check whether the doors and windows are closed. If these feelings last a long time, it is better to consult a psychologist.

Emotional phases that follow the theft

Theft is a traumatic event that can determine different phases that alternate on a psychological level. At first, a person who has suffered from a theft may be less likely to trust others, feel a real shock and be unable to perceive what happened for a long period of time.

Then there may be a feeling of rejection, a vivid expression of worries and emotions. Also avoiding conversations on this topic. Then there may be a feeling of intense sadness, which reveals a sense of loss in every way.

After the previous phases, the pain of loss is activated, which sometimes even borders on anger. Anger, if not handled properly, can become negative and lead directly to the fear phase, which manifests as anxiety.

How to overcome the experience of trauma

What should be done in order to overcome the experience of theft experienced as a trauma? How to recover after a theft in your own home? First of all, it is important to ask for the support of people close to you if you cannot do anything yourself. You can contact friends, family members or, if you are living in suffering, seek help from a psychologist.

It is also very important to try to express the emotions you feel, giving space to negative feelings as well. This is the only way to respond to fear without letting anxiety and longing take control of your life.

Respond well by installing security systems and trying to take care of the house and yourself first. In any case, you should return to your normal lifestyle as soon as possible.

Is your home protected?