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How to select a Burglar Alarm for an Apartment

When buying a burglar alarm for an apartment, you’ll probably want to consider several features to ensure maximum protection and convenience. This article outlines critical criteria, including chimes, interconnected detectors, and resistance to pets and birds.

Chime feature

The Chime feature on burglar alarms from sounds like a siren whenever an opening detector detects a break-in. The siren can be configured to display a single signal, a group of movements, or all detections. When enabled, the siren will alert you for three to 180 seconds. Its sound power ranges from 81 to 105 dB. In addition, you can choose which detectors to activate the siren, and you can control the volume and duration of the siren. The Chime feature also includes a tamper button for determining who tampered with your system.

Resistance to animals

Professional burglar alarms are challenging to bypass because of their sophisticated outdoor motion detection techniques. Since they require several reports every minute, even pets and birds will be unable to disable the alarm. The alarms are also resistant to tampering and can be programmed to alert the owner if a sabotage attempt is detected. That way, you can rest hold that your family and property will be safe even when you are not.

Power source

Senza fili security systems are available for both commercial and residential properties. An external battery or low-voltage network can power buildings with an unstable mains voltage supply. A professional senza fili security system can also be connected to a portable battery to provide visual alarm verification. The device also has a 6-volt power supply, perfect for outdoor and squatted properties.

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