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Installing a wireless security system

As for the wireless alarm system to protect the premises from intruders, it is possible to install curtain sensors (detectors that work on the basis of infrared technology, equipped with a special lens that, unlike those used for volumetric protection, protects flat surfaces, rather than volume).

Curtain detectors are placed at points where you think it most appropriate, obviously after taking into account the relevant considerations of aesthetics and practicality. It is also recommended to install magnetic opening contacts on the shutter to increase the level of security and make the security system more flexible.

In addition, since there are many windows in the room, it is better to also provide yourself with a volumetric motion sensor inside. Such a motion sensor is able to detect movement in an environment that is under the protection of the sensor itself, so as not to leave all responsibility for the protection of perimeter sensors (in this case, you can choose between a radio sensor and a wired option, only if it is convenient to install).

As for alarm sirens, there are two different opinions on this, some believe that they should be installed inside to hide the presence of the security system from any intruders. Another opinion refers to the fact that this is a more functional and practical option for protecting the building. In any case, you can easily choose a security system according to your specific needs and aesthetic preferences: if you decide to place the siren inside the building, do not forget to unlock the sensor on the door when you return home.