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Magnetic contact security sensors for windows: features

Living in a calm and safe house is undoubtedly the desire of many citizens, especially if you pay attention to the negative data of the latest statistics, which record a significant increase in thefts in houses, offices, apartments, country houses, etc. Obviously, there are solutions in this one, how to resist the evil intentions of intruders, which will help to make the house safe and protect those who live in it.

In this context, it is important to know that criminals usually operate in the most vulnerable parts of the house, that is, in those points of the premises where, in their opinion, it is less difficult to get inside, whether it is small apartments, country houses or large villas in the countryside area Therefore, it is well known that doors and windows are the areas most often attacked by thieves, as they can enter through these openings and carry out a robbery. Therefore, it is the windows and doors that must be carefully protected.

In the field of home security, it is not for nothing that magnetic contacts are widely used, components that are very easy to mount and at the same time they are suitable for protecting the doors and windows of a residential building against any attempts to break in by unwanted guests. As a rule, armored doors are used to protect the main entrances of buildings, which can also be fitted with magnetic contacts for an even greater level of security. As for the windows, they can be protected by grilles with magnetic sensors located on the frames.

Characteristics and functions of magnetic contacts

Magnetic contacts consist of two parts, each of which must be attached to the window or door frame; when a window or door is opened, the alarm goes off. Therefore, to ensure that the alarm does not go off, the two contacts must remain connected: that is, when a break-in attempt or an unexpected opening occurs, the device sends an alert to the alarm control panel, the signal is immediately processed to alert the owners of the security system.

There are different types of magnetic contacts available in the market, both wireless and wired. Choosing between these options should be based on a number of factors, such as the shape, structure and material of the doors and windows to be protected, as well as the level of security you want to achieve for your premises. The advantages of magnetic contacts include ease of installation (it can be done independently without the help of specialized personnel), availability from an economic point of view, and others.

Is your home protected?