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Motion sensors for external installation

External motion sensors are a reliable device for protecting the facade of the building, to prevent the intrusion of intruders. These sensors actually protect areas related to balconies, gardens, terraces and other open spaces and are available in different formats and technologies.

One of the motion sensors of this type consists of a system of several two-layer beams, which are able to detect the smallest anomaly in the controlled area. The double layer consists of an upper and a lower part, and both must be activated to generate an alarm signal. Thus, this option allows to reduce the number of false alarms that can be caused by even minimal events, such as internal or external light reflection, animal movement, sudden drops or rises in temperature, lighting of a car or other vehicles.

The principle of operation of external motion sensors

External motion sensors have the feature of being activated in partial mode, i.e. in situations when residents are inside the house, and in full protection mode, i.e. when there is no one at home. The first mode is ideal for those who want to feel protected in their own interior space and in an area that also covers the exterior parts of the building. When the partial mode is activated, the security alarm sensors inside the house are also disabled: in practice, you are protected from any intrusions from the outside, but you can still move freely inside the house without causing false alarms.

PIR motion sensors: energy saving

Outdoor PIR0 motion sensors are also a very practical and easy way to avoid theft: they can actually reduce costs both in terms of energy and in terms of savings on electricity bills. Outdoor motion sensors are suitable for indoor installations such as parking lots, balconies, guarded building approaches and other locations.