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Security alarm systems and control panels

The alarm control panel is the basis of the security system of the premises: it is a device that monitors and controls all other elements of the security system. The control panel allows partial activation and deactivation of the entire system. Therefore, it is important that the panel is functional, protected and easy to use.

There are different types of control panels that look like a small box, often located near the front door of a home, shop, business, office or any other structure that needs to be protected.

When the alarm is triggered, the control panel determines which functions should be activated, which detectors should be triggered and at what time; this device interacts with all devices connected to the system, receives input data and signals from sensors, cameras, magnetic contacts and water and gas sensors.

As a rule, control units are equipped with a battery called a “buffer”, the task of which is to ensure operation even in the absence of electricity and the LCD monitor. Programming, activation and deactivation takes place thanks to the presence of a built-in keyboard, on which you can type various access codes. In this context, electronic keys and remote controls are also becoming more popular, and are used as devices for activating and deactivating alarms. Therefore, it is clear that the installation of a control panel must be closely related to the owner’s security needs and budget.

In this huge security niche, many shops have appeared in the last few years that specialize in this sector and offer good value for money security alarm systems. Therefore, prices may vary depending on the type of control panel (wireless or wired). Wireless control panels (wireless or WI-FI) may also feature some features called anti-jamming (a mechanism that uses the secondary line to verify that the telephone line is functioning properly) and anti-tampering (anti-tampering).