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Security sensors-curtains: what it is and how it works

In an alarm system, a curtain security device can be a good solution to protect the points of the house that are considered “weaker”. We are talking about security motion sensors-curtains, which allow more precise control of access points to the building. In fact, when we install a security system in the house, we should not think that only the door should be protected. They are certainly a cause for concern to prevent unauthorized intrusions by intruders. At the same time, other possible access points into the home, such as windows, should not be overlooked.

What is a security curtain sensor

The security curtain sensor is still installed at one of the access points in the house, and when we talk about installing a curtain sensor around the perimeter of the area, we are talking about protection that is installed in place, even when the window or door is open.

However, it is very important to install these sensors, which guarantee reliable protection of the house against the intrusion of unauthorized third parties, away from elements that can disrupt the proper functioning of these elements or cause false alarms.

Therefore, it is important to place these anti-theft sensors away from rain or tree branches that can cause false alarms.

How the anti-theft curtain sensor works

However, these are external sensors that have the function of creating a real barrier, often consisting of an infrared screen, in order to fill the area to be protected.

These are highly effective motion sensors that can detect the presence of a foreign body even before it approaches a window or building entrance. Sometimes security systems of this type provide PIR sensors (with passive infrared technology) and microwaves with the Doppler effect for high detection accuracy.

Then there is an integration between infrared sensors and high-frequency electromagnetic waves, to obtain the optimal accuracy of detecting a foreign object in the protected area. The security alarm will activate only when the sensors simultaneously detect the presence of a person in the area being checked.

Management is very simple, but at the same time this technology guarantees the safety of the protected area or building.