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Systems of active protection of premises

Active security systems are a set of devices aimed at immediately deterring intruders. The system activates gas or fog to prevent theft or other illegal activities.

It is advisable to use systems for active protection of premises in the event that the sound alarm is not enough to deter intruders from intruding into personal space and/or make them flee, perhaps because the house is located in a separate, distant, private area where there are no neighbors or third parties, a party capable of stopping the vandalism or immediately alerting the carabiner and the police. However, it must be said that these are quite expensive systems, which, in addition, can be the cause of critical problems at the installation stage, especially in high-rise buildings.

In addition, the problems associated with possible false alarms should not be underestimated: let’s take a practical example, let’s say that a person mistakenly entered a protected premise without first disarming the alarm, and took the time to calm down the neighbors and answer the phone, maybe, through the ring signal of the telephone dialer. At that moment, the gas or fog could have been activated in vain, with all the unfortunate consequences of the incident!

Obviously, in such a situation, the user of active security systems will have to face a double discomfort, namely: the hassle of fog and gas in the home or office and the costs that will have to be incurred to charge the system. In conclusion, we can say that the installation of active protection systems is something extremely special, which always requires an accurate preliminary assessment of the pros and cons, as well as the specific security needs of a specific type of premises.