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The best system for indoor security

A home security system can have different features and costs depending on the technology and model that is best suited to protect a particular home. The system consists of several components, each of which has its own functionality and price; a lot in this context also depends on the manufacturer. So, to understand how best to navigate this huge security sector, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of the various elements that make up home security alarm systems.

Alarm control panel: This device is the basis of the security system, without which it cannot function, because the panel controls and connects all the sensors present inside and outside the house. The cost of an alarm control panel varies depending on the brand, the zones it can monitor and the type of technology it uses, it can be a wired system with a connection through cables, or a wireless system that uses radio technology to communicate.

Alarm sensors: for internal and external areas of the building; play a fundamental role as they detect the presence of intruders in the controlled area and then report this in real time to the control panel to raise the alarm. These devices may use infrared, microwave, or both technologies to provide a higher level of security (price may also vary depending on the type of technology used). Obviously, outdoor sensors have a higher cost due to their robust construction, resistant to external factors (rain, strong wind, dust).

Magnetic contacts: in signaling, these are small devices that are available at an economical level, suitable for detecting violations and unwanted opening of doors and windows; the contact consists of two elements, a magnet and a reed switch, which are installed, respectively, on the fixed and moving parts of the window or door: when an unwanted opening occurs, that is, the two parts separate and move away from each other, a signal is sent to the control panel, which causes an alarm.

Siren: This is the voice of the security alarm system, because it is thanks to it that neighbors, passers-by and the police learn about danger both acoustically and visually. In addition, sirens can scare off intruders.

Control systems: they are of different types and one system can support several devices; these are electronic key fobs and alarm buttons, remote controls and keyboards.