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The security system has no sensors at all. Is it possible

Security systems are different. Wired and wireless. Cloud-integrated, standalone, simple and complex. But they all have something in common. These are sensors.

Even if the system is the simplest, they are always present in it. At the very least, motion sensors. Sensors are like the nerve endings of any security system, if they are not there, then it cannot receive data about the violation of the territory protected by it and, accordingly, its existence is meaningless. This is an axiom, and we take it on faith, but is it worth blindly believing everything in our rapidly developing world, or are there exceptions?

As it suddenly turns out, the presence of sensors is not a prerequisite for building a security system. How is this possible, you ask? Well, you can try to shift the function of sensors to other devices. Back in 2017, Cognitive Systems introduced a fascinating Wi-Fi Motion technology. Wi-Fi Motion technology is based on the use of existing user devices that communicate over a Wi-Fi network. People who move around the house make changes in the spatial pattern of coverage of premises with a Wi-Fi signal. The system picks up these changes and interprets them. So any Wi-Fi-enabled device, whatever its purpose, gets a new function – it becomes a motion sensor.

In order to become the owner of the Wi-Fi Motion system, the user just needs to purchase a Wi-Fi router and related software. All other devices are what he previously had and was bought for other purposes. The main purposes of the system are three – burglar alarms, home automation, and care for the elderly and helpless people. In all these cases, you need a network of motion sensors covering the house, but the scenarios for its operation will be different. At the same time, the system’s ability to classify the detected movement is also used advanced algorithms – to distinguish between a person, a pet, a fan, etc.

Devices included in the Wi-Fi Motion network may be outdated. In the system, they do not require anything other than Wi-Fi communication support. Working as part of the Wi-Fi Motion system does not affect their basic functions in any way. In addition, the operation of the system is not related to listening, viewing any image or identification. Thus, it does not violate anyone’s privacy.

Of course, it is impossible to build a full-fledged security system on motion sensors alone, so, probably, it is still necessary to use some additional peripherals here that will protect the house from fire, flooding, gas leaks, or something else like that. However, to ensure automation and organize a “smart home” based on Wi-Fi Motion technology – why not?