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The siren is part of the security alarm system

The security siren is one of the main devices in the alarm system, although sometimes its value is depreciated due to false alarms and neighbors’ complaints. Aside from this possible side effect, the use of a light and sound siren is definitely necessary for the proper functioning of the security system, unless the house is located in an isolated area where no one can see or hear it.

The siren performs a double task: first, it is an effective deterrent for intruders; in addition, the security siren serves to activate the alarm and attract the attention of neighbors and passers-by, who, in case of illegal entry into the protected premises, may require the rapid intervention of the police. There are many models of security sirens on the market, both wired and wireless, but in addition to their excellent features, they all come with a flashing light, a durable housing and a fully emergency battery to power the siren even if the power cable is damaged by a thief.

In this regard, it must be said that, unfortunately, these devices are often subject to unauthorized interference due to their location on the facade of the building where the alarm system is located. The most common sabotage is to spray the body of the siren with foam to muffle the sound, or, again, to disable them, remove them from the wall and drop them into containers of water. Fortunately, there are anti-sabotage features on the security products market, such as sirens with anti-foam protection. When they are forcibly turned on, the alarm is triggered. In addition, they are resistant to sudden changes in temperature and weather features: rain, strong wind, dust and others. In any case, in order to obtain a higher level of security, it is necessary to pay special attention to the installation of the siren: it is desirable to place the device at a distance of several meters from the ground and never near terraces or windows.

In addition, room sirens can be installed together with external sirens. Internal sirens have a pre-alarm function, which can be used to signal the activation of an entry or exit delay; they can also report a partial alarm, that is, without triggering the acoustic power of the external sirens, especially at night. That is, room sirens, for obvious reasons, have less power in terms of sound level. We are talking about devices that are installed on the walls of the room, as well as imperceptible due to their small size. Sirens of this type are ideal when you need to report an intrusion into a specific home or office space, garage, barn, shed, yard, warehouse, etc.