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Video surveillance for condominiums

Now the security of multi-apartment buildings is a very urgent problem. If earlier citizens often and even willingly left doors and windows open, especially in small businesses or small residential apartment buildings, today it is almost always impossible to imagine for a number of reasons. Security systems and armored doors are increasingly being installed to protect homes from vandals and criminals; obviously, the ideal would be to ensure that thieves do not even come close to the building to be monitored or, in the event that they do succeed in committing a theft, that they are immediately stopped and identified. Fortunately, in the modern age, technology allows for innovative and reliable video surveillance systems, especially inside apartment buildings, where this type of security device is becoming quite common.

Regarding the use of video surveillance in condominiums, in common areas and especially in the areas of the greatest risk, such as entrance doors and corridors, surveillance cameras are installed using a shielded cable connection or through a LAN line (if the camera is digital), while in other room, for example, in the common \, other devices that make up the system are installed, such as a Digital Video Recorder, a digital video recorder that allows you to connect existing cameras and record their video streams. Images can be recorded continuously or only when the device software detects movement in the detection area. Usually, the video recorder is equipped with a modem for connecting to the Internet, which allows you to view the footage even remotely, for example, from a mobile phone. Having CCTV cameras connected to a DVR via Wi-Fi is very useful in condominium security systems, as this avoids physical connections, hence tampering with the masonry to create traces for wiring. Finally, the monitor completes the main equipment of the condominium video surveillance system.

The use of a security system with video surveillance in multi-apartment buildings is definitely important. An alarm system will save more than one apartment, and possibly more than one life, from accidents and thefts.