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Wireless batteries for security system devices

Wireless security alarms, due to their practicality and ease of installation, are becoming more and more popular among users of security systems. However, one aspect that should not be underestimated when choosing a wireless alarm is the batteries. How long do they last and which ones are better to use?

Work time

The service life of batteries depends on their use, type and time of activation of the alarm sensor. In addition, it should not be forgotten that the sensors consume electricity even when the security system is inactive, although much less when they are in power saving mode. So, for example, if we are talking about a security device that is used in a shopping center or an enterprise, in places where people constantly come and go, the batteries will have a much shorter service life than in a house or apartment.

It is therefore understood that the duration cannot be guaranteed and clearly defined, but in most cases, assuming average use, the duration actually ranges from two to four years.

Models of batteries in security devices

Regarding battery models, we cannot offer specific models for purchase. It is best to buy them directly from the original manufacturer or, alternatively, be careful and buy equivalent models with the same characteristics. In fact, although it may seem strange, not all batteries are the same, and as a rule, the manufacturer conducts tests before using a particular model. These tests aim to determine the best models for the system in terms of duration, discharge pattern and frequency of use.

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